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Contextual marketing is an online marketing model in which people are served with targeted advertising based on terms they search for or their recent browsing behavior. By tying the ads users see to their demonstrated interests, advertisers hope to decrease user annoyance with online marketing and, simultaneously, increase clickthrough and conversion rates. Google's AdSense program, for example, is a straightforward version of contextual marketing, in which ads are displayed based on the terms that the user searches for.


Created by: Arfaqul Alam

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Who is this class for:

People who are interested in stepping into digital marketing strategies, who wants to make their media buying fall in right place. Contextual marketing helps you to measure your audience rightfully.

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Course Content

This course will discuss the below topics

1. Introduction to contextual marketing 

2. How to craft a plan 

3. How a campaign is developed

4. Architect your user experience

5. Content Strategy 

6. Measure to success 


Introduction to contextual marketing

- What is Contextual marketing
- Why Contextual marketing is important for your business


How to craft a plan

- How do you segment
- How do you determine opportunity for segments
- Craft conversion path


How a campaign is developed

- Difference between media buying Vs Contextual
- outline a campaign


Architect your user experience

- What is website user experience

- how to measure your website performance

- How do you plan your user experience


Content Strategy

- Creating a content layout
- understanding of positioning content
- How to optimize content for web


Measure to success

- Metrics to look at for your campaign success
- Website measurement
- Media buying Measurement


What to do after completion

At Career

In Marketing Operation, this is an essential topic to be aware of. At any point of career, it is ideal for a candidate to jump into the core of digital marketing by understanding contextual marketing concept.

Next level guidance

Nest step should be Advance knowledge on Contextual Marketing.