About the course

This course contains the basic fundamentals that you need to know when you do pricing for your products or service. It has five main parts – pricing methodology, price set-up, price testing, price communication and price management. There are real examples on how pricing has been applied in for difference industries such as retails, airline, start-up etc.

This course suits anyone either professional working in big organization who wants to leverage your pricing knowledge to the current work or entrepreneur who seeking new innovation idea for their product/service to maximize the profit.


Who is this class for:

The course is ideal for Marketing professionals who work in setting price, campaign design, prepare and/or manage product and service profit and loss report. This is also a good course for entrepreneurs and start up founders to know how to set price for their products and service.

LanguageEnglish. Bangla (Developing), Thai (Developing)
How To Pass You have to complete all modules and earn minimum grade in all exams and assignments
Competency Plan Marketing Operation
Financial Support Apply for scholarship at the below location, https://www.dhakaisoft.com/apply-for-scholarship/
PriceUSD 25


What is included in this course?

  • Pricing Methodology
  • Pricing Set up
  • Price Testing
  • Price Communication
  • Price Management in Digital World


Price Management in Digital world

What to do after completion

At Career

This course will help to excel your career in marketing function and also help to contribute in setting company strategy.

Next level guidance

Next course will be advance campaign design