About the course

A very common term is Digital. We have to be Digital and there is no other way around. Digital Marketing is a format of marketing where you have to convert your marketing functions so that,

  • You can reach to correct market.
  • You can save budget.
  • You can spend effectively.
  • You can communicate exactly what your customer wants to hear.

We will learn the following areas in this course,

·         What is digital Marketing?

·         What are the channels?

·         Planning of a Digital Marketing

o   Objective.

o   Target Market Segmentation.

o   Channel Identification.

o   Budgeting.

o   Execution.

o   Monitoring.

o   Re-Segmentation.

o   Future Take Away.

·         Hands on training on Facebook Advertisement and how to make it effective.

·         Hands on training on Goggle Advertisement and how to make it effective.

This will be a 8 session course, Each Session will be 3 hours long.


Who is this class for:

Mostly for marketing Professionals.

LanguageEnglish, Bangla
How To Pass All Questions and Assignments need to be passed
Competency Plan Marketing Operation
Financial Support Yes
PriceUSD 65


Understanding Digital Marketing
Understanding Digital Marketing Channels
Planning a Digital Marketing Part 1
Planning a Digital Marketing Part 2
Evaluating the results and re planning
Facebook Advertisement Hands on
Google Advertisement Hands on
Understanding Contextual and Data Driven Marketing

What to do after completion

At Career

You can save your marketing budget by effective spend. You can boost your sales by reaching to right customer segment.

Next level guidance

Contextual Marketing