About the course

Everyone wants a piece of digital but no one really “gets” it. The problem lies with our flawed and limited understanding of what Digital is and what it can do.  This comprehensive 4 session long conceptual training aims to break that. If you are looking for 1 good reason to enroll, here are 4.

1.       Clarify the myths & misconceptions about Digital and establish what Digital Marketing really is and what it can do for you: 2 Sessions

2.       An understanding of Paid & Unpaid Digital advertising tools and platforms like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Native Ads, Display Ads etc: 2 Sessions

3.       An in depth understanding of Data Analytics, why it is becoming the fastest growing area in digital and how you can start mastering it. Plus on top, we get to spend significant time on understanding Google Analytics: 3 Sessions

4.       What is content marketing, why everyone struggles with it and secrets to develop a long term content development strategy as well as a viral phenomenon: 2 Sessions


Created by: Shahriar Amin

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Who is this class for:

Students, Business Owners, Business managers, Junior to Mid-level executives who is interested to practice marketing in 21st century must learn these concepts, tools and techniques. This is not a technical training where you will learn how to use certain program or run algorithm or look in depth into one area of digital like Analytics or Social Media. Rather this training is designed keeping in mind an executive with moderate understanding of marketing practices, digital and business principles and it will give you a broad, holistic idea about Digital. It’s a great starting point of your digital expertise build-up journey

LanguageEnglish, Bangla, Malay, Thai, Burmese
How To Pass Completing all the 4 modules and 9 Sessions will get you ready for receiving a “Basic Digital Marketing” certificate
Competency Plan Marketing Operation
Financial Support At this moment, no.
PriceUSD 25


Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Introduction to Digital Marketing.
  2. 2. Introduction to Paid and unpaid Digital Advertisement.
  3. 3. Introduction to Data Analytics
  4. 4. Introduction to Content Marketing.


Introduction to Paid & Unpaid Digital Advertising

What to do after completion

At Career

i. Students: Getting prepared for job market where Digital is getting essential everyday ii. Business Owners: Getting yourself ahead of the curve before your business gets transformed and competitors become digitally savvy. Also learn new and more effective ways to develop and promote your business in digital era iii. Executives: Getting advanced marketing jobs or getting promoted in your current job in western world and increasingly in Asia, will be dependent on your digital savvy-ness. This training can make a significant difference iv. Marketers: Marketers after doing this training will be able to run digital campaigns by himself or guide agencies properly to get the best out of digital campaigns

Next level guidance

After this course, you may proceed to Advance Digital Marketing